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Insurance Services

An Independent Insurance Review

 Being independent, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to review current insurance policies and evaluate their options. We have no propriety products and the interests of our clients always comes first.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

Are you Over-paying for your insurance?

According to industry experts, as many as two-thirds (67%) of the insurance policies were overcharging the policy holder for the cost-of-insurance.

Do you have the right type of policy and the best available?

New types of policies come out every few years and mortality tables are updated every decade (meaning lower premiums due to longevity).

How we can help?

With a little bit of information from you and your current policies, we can tell you if you’re overpaying, potentially helping to save you money and/or ensure that your policy doesn’t expire before it’s needed to pay out.  We can get numbers from 10+ top carriers in the industry and make sure you have the right type of policy to suit your needs at the best available price.