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Wealth Management

The Benefits of a Fee-based Fiduciary Firm

Your future success will depend on the investment strategies you employ today.  It is important for us to understand your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon before custom tailoring a diversified investment strategy to fit your needs.

As a fee-based, independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, we offer our clients a multitude of low-cost investment portfolios to fit the needs of our diverse client base. 

  • We require no net-worth or income minimums
  • We charge a percentage fee of assets under management (AUM)
  • We do not charge brokerage commissions

Our Portfolios

Whether you are currently retired and seeking and steady income portfolio, or you have 20+ years until retirement and are seeking maximum growth, we can develop a plan for you.  Our strategies do not chase returns, rather they rely on heavy diversification across multiple asset classes, helping to increase returns and minimize risk.

Our portfolios are comprised of but not limited to ETF's, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, REIT's, and separately managed accounts (SMA's).  As a fiduciary, we strive to provide our clients with portfolios that will help them accomplish their goals, while minimizing costs and maintaining flexibility.

Our ETF portfolios offer very low expense ratios and are extremely transparent, allowing us to know what each fund owns at any moment. Because ETFs are traded on an exchange just like stocks, they are flexible, readily tradeable investment instruments.